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  • Familiar and Progressive: Serving the players of NationStates for the best part of the past ten years.
  • Mobile and Responsive: Gain access through your computer or mobile device day or night.
  • Watch Lists: Now sort friends from foes, Founders from Delegates, Raiders from Defenders and even Points of Interest within a tidy, developing Watch List.
  • Messaging: A complete system designed exclusively for messaging between registered nations.
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The Journey To Build

When I installed the first version of NSTracker it was Autumn 2009. The files associated with that version of the site drew information directly from the Nationstates API feed which worked fine for information collection but from where we stand now lay the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing one.

NSTracker was never designed for regional output. National output for 30 days with horrible GD graphs (Hey, it was ten years ago.), national comparisons and that was about it. Though still used by players, the original site was often ridiculed for it's regional output shortcoming but the calculator wasn't originally designed to be this all serious machine. It was designed to add flavour to NationStates which is a tradition I intend to continue.

Below are listed all items that have been added to the site since May of 2010. The project itself didn't really get started until the Autumn of 2011 and now I'm busy mixing, matching and compelling three large beasts to work together as one. Eventually, my feet will catch up with the rest of me and cruise control will be engaged.

The journey travelled from those few modest original php files to the road we're currently on has been incredible. All I see is unlimited potential and I shall always find occassion to boast how it is the people using NSTracker that remain the real motivation towards the production of this site. This body of work is dedicated and stands testament to all those players that selflessly contribute through one means or another and volunteer their services in attempt to generate greater awareness and interest towards NationStates itself. For all of you that have helped to make it what it is and for what it will become you have my deepest appreciation, gratitude, support and thanks.

Full List of Features

Original content: National Output, Comparisons, Record Saving


The past year really threw things up in the air so to speak and items that were meant to be discussed at certain times simply weren't. That doesn't mean they've been forgotten however, rather just delayed.

The site itself as "NSTracker" as you know it, will be released without the settings component shortly. Saving data is the easy part. Getting your specific currency character to display properly is the trick and I have several of those tricks to perform. One by one, I'll open the settings and add each function once they're complete. There are also a few smaller items which I need to build but at least the Tracker Panels are working properly once again?

Getting NSTracker up and running represents only 30% of this growing project. The social aspect of the site is where the meat and potatoes reside. Believe me, no one more than myself has wrestled with the dilemma over making the site more interactive and to what extent. This is what I do. I'm the guy building a boat in his basement. He's no idea how he'll get it out. He's just building.

Below is the short list of some of the things I intend to address throughout 2013-14. I'll be leaving both domains open and taking a breath to travel so I won't be around full-time again until May at which time you'll have an admin that's fresh and ready to get back into things with zeal.


Along with a new site, a forum, a YouTube video organizer and Portfolios I've been toying with the notion of adding a built-in News Chronicle. I've seen countless forum news publications fail because quite honestly, they're on forums and I even tried and failed years a go to launch the first version of this site as a solo project. Regardless, I've already got software in place. I just need to discover the interest from all of you.

PVM Esquire

If you've ever been to Absolution's old forum you may have seen PVM Esquire contained within the forum itself. What's being built is the fourth version of the site which allows players to upload YouTube videos only this time around, we're making it much more personal with playlists for you to build, share and enjoy.

FT Roleplay

I don't even know where to begin. First, I require coaching. Lots of it and from several angles. That appears to me to be the next argument from the gally what educates me proper. I know what's been said and it's 100% correct. We're not set up for FT though does that mean we shouldn't put forth an effort? You bring me vision and I'll make use of it. Promise.
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